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Pro Futuro Consulting a.s.

We are a digital company
Zoho Premium Partner

Our story of a digital cloud company

We help optimize Business functions by using ZOHO

Equipped with the best-in-class expertise we provide companies with Digitization and seamless Cloud migration
We can help with one process or set up the whole company on ZOHO.

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We Automate Processes

Work processes and activities. Everything you do repeatedly, regularly, on the basis of some instruction, at a certain time, according to a predetermined scenario ... Sometimes it is even more than half the working time.

We will combine opportunities from all communication sources into one sales process so that it corresponds to your company. Whether CRM, Helpdesk, social networks, phones ... you end up all in one place.

We Gain Customers

We Connect Users

Whether in one office or on a remote side of the country, wherever you find an Internet connection, we will provide you with a connection to your colleagues, data, work environment.

Not only individual documents or agendas but entire companies are being digitized today. No matter what device you want to work from, whether from a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

We Digitize Companies

We Manage Projects

It doesn't have to be big events, even simpler activities can be project-driven. Then you have an overview of time, tasks, resources ...

Conferences, exhibitions, meetings, webinars ... you can now organize all this online.

We Organize Events

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